CFP: Staffing Excellence in Times of Disaster and Healthcare System Responsiveness

January/February 2019 | Volume 37 Number 1
Call for Manuscripts
2019 Special Issue on Staffing Excellence
Staffing Excellence in Times of Disaster and Healthcare System Responsiveness
(Deadline July 1, 2019)
Nursing Economic$ is seeking manuscripts related to staffing excellence during times of disaster, distress, and mass casualties/trauma for its 2019 Special Issue on Staffing Excellence in Times of Disaster and Healthcare System Responsiveness. Authors are invited to submit original work addressing the financial and human resource implications of nurse staffing in times of disaster as a result of either climate change or extreme weather-related events including but not limited to wildfires, flood surges, mudslides, hurricanes, or tornadoes. Additionally, we will accept abstracts that demonstrate general healthcare system disaster preparedness or responsiveness to mass causalities and mass shootings.
Today’s nursing community recognizes the sense of urgency, need for rapid responsiveness by healthcare systems, and call to action toward local and global environmental stressors. These environmental health stressors arising from climate change, weather-related events, and other human-induced traumas have the potential for deleterious effects on human life and well-being. The consequences of climate change on planetary health, disasters, and mass causalities as a result of mass shootings or terrorist attacks provide opportunities for nurses to describe how they have mobilized their efforts and that of their interprofessional team members in mitigation, disaster preparedness, and unique staffing patterns and deployment.
Understanding new ways to mitigate and adapt for excellence in nurse staffing during times of disasters, distress, and traumatic events will allow both academic nursing and clinical practice to prepare nurses on effective health approaches and interventions aimed at values-driven staffing excellence as well as and environmental stewardship.
Determining appropriate safe nurse staffing challenges the profession to create dynamic and innovative staffing solutions that are adaptable to the evolving nature of climate change adaption as well as mass casualties.
Nursing Economic$ strongly supports efforts to identify nurse staffing principles and solutions that are essential to save lives, prevent harm, and demonstrate the “business case for nursing.” To this end, this call for abstracts is seeking authors to provide valuable insights, experiences, and solutions through research and evidence-based approaches that address appropriate nurse staffing and skill mix levels as well as related financial implications. Below are suggested areas authors might consider for the special issue:
•Nurse forecasting models
•Optimization staffing models
•Use of algorithms during disasters
•Predictive analytics
•Artificial intelligence and staffing
•Models of care that create strategic partnerships and good relationships with your community providers
•Establishment of a command center using the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS)
Deadline for manuscripts is July 1, 2019. Author resources for manuscript preparation are available at Questions related to this call for manuscripts can be directed to Editor Donna Nickitas thru Nursing Economic$ (


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