CFP: Breast Cancer Book Chapters

I’d like to connect with scholars who have an interest in potentially contributing to a book on breast cancer as it is experienced/understood in North America and the UK.

I currently have a contract with British publishing house Peter Lang Oxford for a book tentatively entitled Breast Cancer Unbound.  This volume, scheduled for publication in 2020, is meant to serve as a single source for patients and other interested readers who seek an understanding of breast cancer from multiple perspectives–namely from health professionals, who provide various kinds of biomedical and psychosocial care for patients; patients, who know what it’s like to live with breast cancer; and scholars, who take a broader view of the disease and illness experience, and who write objectively.

Essays must be readily accessible to non-academic readers (e.g., jargon-free) and should be approximately 4000-5000 in length. 

Scholars from the following fields are invited to address breast cancer through their particular disciplinary lens: history, anthropology, art history, literature, comics studies, gender and women’s studies, communications/media studies, and performance studies.

The goal for contributors is to set a general, broad context and then narrow to focus on a specific story that illustrates a particular, salient perspective on breast cancer within that context.  In reading the essay, a reader should come to understand how the topic addressed influences our responses to breast cancer.

The following are intended as general guides:

1. Choose the timeframe you will discuss and provide a broad overview of the state of breast cancer during that time.

2. Narrow your approach to a specific time, movement, “case,” and/or artist that will be with focus of the majority of your essay.

3.  Avoid jargon.  Your essay should be readily understandable to a general reader with no training in your field.  Your style should be natural, inviting and unpretentious.

4. Provide references as you would for any scholarly paper.

Deadline for completed drafts: June 1, 2019  (further work with the editor will follow)

If you are interested in potentially contributing to this book, please send a brief email that provides a) your field of expertise and your degree (doctoral students are welcome), b) a list of any prior publications / research / teaching on breast cancer, and c) a one-paragraph overview of your proposed essay. Send to:

Kimberly R. Myers, M.A., Ph.D.
Distinguished Educator, Penn State College of Medicine, Professor of Humanities and Medicine
Co-Director, Medical Humanities
Program Director, Schwartz Center Rounds, Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Series Co-Editor, Medical Humanities: Criticism & Creativity (Peter Lang Oxford)

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