Pandemic Writing

The COVID19 pandemic with its disruptive effects on our regular habits (including the habit of writing), as well as the added stress, anxiety, exhaustion (physical and emotional) on health care professionals, has probably affected nurses’ writing.

In April, the effects on women scholars and researchers was already evident. As reported by Colleen Flaherty in Inside Higher Ed, “Editors of two journals say that they’re observing unusual, gendered patterns in submissions. In each case, women are losing out. Editors of a third journal have said that overall submissions by women are up right now, but that solo-authored articles by women are down substantially.”

Details here:

More recently, Christina Lux and Tanya Golash-Boza have offered suggestions on recovering some writing productivity, using the analogy of the off-season or injured athlete. Time for cross-training, they propose!

“Just as exploring new genres can help reinvigorate your writing,” they writ, “so can finding new forms of support. Thus, social and professional writing groups are also key. The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear to many of us how much we rely on one another for assistance and to meet our basic needs. It is no different for writers — we, too, need a helpful and encouraging community to keep going.”

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