About NursingWriting

This Web log (or “blog”) is designed as a resource for faculty and graduate students in the School of Nursing at the University of Connecticut. Prepared and maintained by Dr. Thomas Lawrence Long, associate professor-in-residence, this site supports scholarly and professional writing, editing, and writing-coaching activities of the school, including reviews of relevant literature, writing tips, and calls for submissions.

You are welcome to post your comments on any blog entry. If you are an editor or conference organizer with a call for submissions, please email your information to Thomas.Long <at> UConn.edu (replacing the <at> with the appropriate email address symbol–this precaution used in an attempt to thwart Internet “spam bots”).


One thought on “About NursingWriting

  1. Hello Mr. Thomas Lawrence Long,

    You have got a unique blog here. Very rarely have I encountered blogs that focus on nursing literature, calls for submissions, writing tips and such. This just proves that nursing is an all-encompassing profession that is truly not for the faint-hearted.

    Kudos on your good works!

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