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Scholarly Writing Retreat: An NLN Mentoring Program

Scholarly Writing Retreat: An NLN Mentoring Program APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED Weekend Retreat: November 10 - 11, 2018 (starts at noon on Saturday and ends at 3pm on Sunday) Location: NLN Headquarters - Washington, DC Leader: Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN Application Deadline: Friday, August, 10, 2018 (Applicants will be notified within 2 … Continue reading Scholarly Writing Retreat: An NLN Mentoring Program


Propose/Edit Special Issue of SAGE Open Nursing

Propose a new Special Collection for SON     SAGE Open Nursing (SON) is seeking qualified researchers to propose and guest edit Special Collections. Proposals for Special Collections can be focused around a topic of your choosing, provided it falls within the scope of the journal and is an area of high current interest. Submit … Continue reading Propose/Edit Special Issue of SAGE Open Nursing

NLN Writing Retreat

NLN Scholarly Writing Retreat Application Submission Sponsored by the NLN | Chamberlain Center for the Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education, the NLN Scholarly Writing Retreat is designed to help nurse educators enhance writing skills and disseminate research findings and other work in scholarly publications. Much more than the two-day intensive workshop that anchors … Continue reading NLN Writing Retreat

Ghost Story

If you're in the mood for a nurse-themed ghost story, try Ellen Glasgow's "The Shadowy Third." As described in a brief synopsis: "In 'The Shadowy Third' the first-person narrator, Miss Randolph, is employed as Mrs. Maradick's nurse by her husband Doctor Maradick. Miss Randolph comes to see Mrs. Maradick as a victim and not as … Continue reading Ghost Story

Warning: Predatory Conference Organizers

If you thought it was difficult to¬†assess whether or not a solicitation to submit a manuscript to an online open-access journal is legitimate, now comes the spawn of predatory journals: predatory conferences. To help us sort out the claims of conference participation solicitations, Jeffrey Beall's ScholarlyOA web site provides a draft of criteria for identifying … Continue reading Warning: Predatory Conference Organizers