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Editors Are Your Friends!

Novice writers are often disheartened when they receive readers' evaluations of a manuscript, with the journal editor's recommendation: Revise and resubmit. For the novice writer, this is bad news; for the experienced writer, this is good news. Writing for Inside Higher Ed, Beth L. Hewett explains how a journal editor wants you to succeed: Engaging … Continue reading Editors Are Your Friends!


CFS: Yale J for Humanities in Medicine

Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine welcomes submissions for publication from doctors, nurses, patients, family members, and others interested in the humanities and medicine. We welcome poetry, essays, and arts reviews with some flexibility in those categories. Please familiarize yourself with the journal and read the entirety of this page before submitting so that you … Continue reading CFS: Yale J for Humanities in Medicine

Costs of Health Care Essay Contest

COSTS OF CARE HEALTHCARE ESSAY CONTEST   $4000 in prizes for the best stories from patients, doctors, and nurses illustrating the importance of cost-awareness in healthcare. Deadline November 15, 2012. Entries must be no longer than 750 words. Students are strongly encouraged to submit an anecdote. Entries will be judged based on the quality … Continue reading Costs of Health Care Essay Contest

Nobody’s Perfect

One of my favorite film scenes occurs at the end of Billy Wilder's comedy Some Like It Hot --  "Nobody's perfect." I'm reminded of this famous scene by Kerry Ann Rockquemore's essay in today's Inside Higher Education, "The Costs of Perfectionism" --  "Ironically, while academic culture exacerbates perfectionist tendencies among many faculty members, … Continue reading Nobody’s Perfect

CFS: Stories/Disability (Narrative Inquiry Bioethics)

Call for Stories for a Narrative Symposium: Living with the Label “Disability” | Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics—A Journal of Qualitative Research | Edited by Jeffery Bishop, MD, PhD and Naomi Sunderland, PhD Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics will publish an issue focused on stories from people living with impairment-highlighting their encounters with both medical practice … Continue reading CFS: Stories/Disability (Narrative Inquiry Bioethics)

CFS: Moral Distress Stories (Narrative Inquiry Bioethics)

Call for Stories: Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics -- Narrative Symposium: The Many Faces of Moral Distress Among Clinicians Edited by Cynda Hylton Rushton, PhD, RN, F.A.A.N. and Renee Boss, MD, MHS Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics will publish an issue devoted to personal stories from clinicians regarding situations that cause moral distress and how they have … Continue reading CFS: Moral Distress Stories (Narrative Inquiry Bioethics)

Theresa Brown: “The July Effect” (NY Times)

New York Times nurse-columnist Theresa Brown (a former professor of English!): "The July Effect brings into sharp relief a reality of hospital care: care is becoming more specialized, and nurses, who sometimes have years of experience, often know more than the greenest physicians. We know about medicating dying patients for pain, but we know a … Continue reading Theresa Brown: “The July Effect” (NY Times)

Nurse Valinoti/Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine

Recommended reading, Eileen Valinoti's first-person narrative on the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine: After graduating from nursing school in 1954, I went back home until a hospital apartment became available. My mother bragged about my achievement to all the neighbors (my nursing expertise; my brilliant grades; my job offers overflowing in the mailbox). Our … Continue reading Nurse Valinoti/Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine