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The Professor Is In

Karen L. Kelsky is The Professor of TheProfessorIsIn, a Web site that augments Kelsky's consulting practice as an advisor to advanced doctoral students and junior faculty. She came to my attention through her essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, "To: Professors; Re: Your Advisees," in which she laments the lack of robust professional advising … Continue reading The Professor Is In

New Academic Year

Many readers of NursingWriting (but not all by any means) are associated with academic institutions, where we are engaged in the beginning of a new academic year. Sunday's New York Times included advice to new college students from respected professors. Excerpts here: I would advise students to take a composition course even if they have … Continue reading New Academic Year

Online Community: Global Health Nursing, Midwifery

On behalf of Partners In Health, the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing Office of Global Health, Regis College School of Nursing and Health Professions, and MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing, you are invited to join an online community for Global Health Nursing and Midwifery at GHD Online: This community was … Continue reading Online Community: Global Health Nursing, Midwifery

NYU Literature, Arts, Medicine Database

Added today to the NursingWriting "blinks" list is the Literature, Arts & Medicine Database initiated in 1993 by medical humanities faculty at NYU. This index of literary texts, visual art, and media/performance touches on a broad range of representations of the body, wellness, illness, disease, and the healing professions. New additions and annotations are always … Continue reading NYU Literature, Arts, Medicine Database

Tutorial for New 6th Ed of APA Style

The new 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual and style guide now has an accompanying Flash video tutorial provided by the American Psychological Association. The Web link to this tutorial is also permanently included in our "blinks" list. This new edition employs a research-to-publication process structure in its organization of the chapters. This new edition takes … Continue reading Tutorial for New 6th Ed of APA Style

Inside Higher Ed: Managing Large Writing Projects

John Gastil's Career Advice column, "Managing Large Writing Projects," in the 24 April 2009 edition of Inside Higher Ed offers credible advice to graduate students and faculty who are engaged in large writing projects (including dissertations and lengthy research articles). The article is consistent with research on faculty productivity, particularly the extensive research conducted by … Continue reading Inside Higher Ed: Managing Large Writing Projects