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A Grant Submission New Year’s Resolution

Dr. Michael Lauer, NIH's Deputy Director for Extramural Research, the principal scientific leader and adviser to the NIH Director on the NIH extramural research program, offers "A Grant Submission New Year’s Resolution"


Inside Higher Ed: Scholarly Publishing

Three articles in Inside Higher Ed today came to our attention. The controversial proposed law originating in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, the Research Works Act, which would have prohibited the government from requiring open access publication of studies funded by the federal government, lost a key supporter, Elsevier Publishing and has been withdrawn by … Continue reading Inside Higher Ed: Scholarly Publishing

NLN’s FREE Preparing GrantsWorkshop

Attend the NLN's FREE Technical Assistance Workshop for Preparing Grants Designed for both novice and experienced grant seekers, this workshop provides an update on the New Jersey Nursing Initiative, a special grant program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and programs administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and … Continue reading NLN’s FREE Preparing GrantsWorkshop

Inside Higher Ed: Ground Breaking Science Unfunded

According to the article "Risky Business" by Jack Stripling in Inside Higher Ed: Some of history’s major scientific and technological breakthroughs started as research projects with little promise of bearing fruit, but funding for “high risk, high reward” research has always been difficult to secure. In an economic downturn, finding money for these projects is … Continue reading Inside Higher Ed: Ground Breaking Science Unfunded

Chronicle: How to Write an Outreach Grant Proposal

In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Karen M. Markin (director of research development at the University of Rhode Island's research office) offers guidance on writing a successful outreach grant application: Identify the problem or need; define general goals and specific objectives; provide a road map for how the objectives will be achieved; … Continue reading Chronicle: How to Write an Outreach Grant Proposal