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Bookmark This: Evaluating Journal Quality

The proliferation of online open-access journals has added new complexity to the already difficult task of identifying and submitting manuscripts to journals (especially in fields where a peer-reviewed journal article is the gold standard). This web site, prepared by Carolyn Mills (UConn Libraries), is very helpful:


Study of Predatory Open Access Nursing Journals

Oermann et al. (2016) report on a systematic study of predatory open-access nursing journals: "There were 140 predatory nursing journals from 75 publishers. Most journals were new, having been inaugurated in the past 1 to 2 years. One important finding was that many journals only published one or two volumes and then either ceased publishing … Continue reading Study of Predatory Open Access Nursing Journals

Listen to Reviewers!

A fine editorial by Dr. Karen Morin, RN, FAAN, has some good advice for nurse authors: Pay attention to reviewers! Morin describes reviewers' pet peeves (lack of conceptual congruency, poorly written manuscripts, limited reviews of the literature) and provides suggestions (offer something new and important, get peer review of drafts prior to submission, follow instructions … Continue reading Listen to Reviewers!

Think. Check. Submit.

With the closing earlier this year of Jeffrey Beall's ScholarlyOA web site and the recent introduction of a subscription service that reviews online open-access journals, there is still a space for open-access guidance to scholars and researchers. Consider Think. Check. Submit. Sharing research results with the world is key to the progress of your discipline … Continue reading Think. Check. Submit.

Predatory Online Open-Access Journals: Cabell’s White/Black Lists

As readers of are familiar, a profusion of online open-access journals, many with dubious review, editing, and publishing practices and dependent on authors' fees (rather than subscriptions) has created problems for researchers, students and clinicians. Previously, a web site run by Jeffrey Beall (ScholarlyOA) as a volunteer effort outside his day job offered frank … Continue reading Predatory Online Open-Access Journals: Cabell’s White/Black Lists