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Call for Comment: NIH-wide Strategic Plan

National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director Bethesda, MD 20892 Date: July 22, 2015 Dear NIH Stakeholders: In order to advance the NIH mission, we are developing an NIH-wide Strategic Plan. The goal of this 5-year plan is to outline a vision for biomedical research that ultimately extends healthy life and reduces illness and … Continue reading Call for Comment: NIH-wide Strategic Plan


How to Correct the Media When They Misreport Your Research

A study published in BMJ 2014;349 reports that mass-media misrepresentations and inaccuracies concerning research findings are often the products of university communication offices' self-promotion efforts, the result of increasing competition among high education institutions to claim points of pride. According to this study's abstract: Results 40% (95% confidence interval 33% to 46%) of the press releases contained … Continue reading How to Correct the Media When They Misreport Your Research

Research Article on Facilitators/Inhibitors of Productivity

Research Article on Facilitators/Inhibitors of Productivity Dowling, D. A., Savrin, C., & Graham, G. C.. (2013). Writing for publication: Perspectives of graduate nursing students and doctorally prepared faculty. Journal of Nursing Education, 52(7), 371-5. Abstract: Publication is a common expectation for both faculty and graduate students in schools of nursing. Little is known about the perceptions … Continue reading Research Article on Facilitators/Inhibitors of Productivity

Press Director on Scientific Integrity and Open Access Publishing

The Scholarly Kitchen interviews Mike Rossner, retiring director of Rockefeller University Press, on scientific integrity, making research data publicly available and routes to open access. The interview is open access on the blog site:    

RAMESES: Meta-narrative reviews & realist syntheses

The Journal of Advanced Nursing has published two standards developed as part of the Realist and Meta-narrative Evidence Syntheses Evolving Standards (RAMESES) project: "The RAMESES project is a NIHR funded international collaboration to produce such guidance and standards for these new forms of systematic review - Realist syntheses and Meta-narrative reviews." "RAMESES publication standards: meta-narrative … Continue reading RAMESES: Meta-narrative reviews & realist syntheses

Getting the Most Out of Citation Databases

Jackie McGrath, Roy Brown and Haifa Samra's new article, "Before You Search the Literature: How to Prepare and Get the Most Out of Citation Databases," will be especially helpful to emerging researchers and doctoral students (as well as clinicians): Abstract: As evidence-based practice becomes more integrated into routine care, systematically searching of the literature is … Continue reading Getting the Most Out of Citation Databases