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Updated Review of Cabell’s Predatory Journal Blacklist

We've all heard about the market in predatory online open-access journals, with specious review processes, murky editorial boards, and uncertain longevity. But where do you go to determine if a journal publisher (or conference organizer) qualifies as "predatory"? Cabell has for several years offered a scrutiny  and review service, which Rick Anderson revisists and reviews … Continue reading Updated Review of Cabell’s Predatory Journal Blacklist


RU a PIG In MuD?

Paul Silvia, associate professor of psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, for Pacific Standard reviews Dr. Roberta Ness' Innovation Generation: How to Produce Creative and Useful Scientific Ideas (Oxford UP), which employs the acronym PIG In MuD: Phrase a question based on interest, observation, and knowledge. Identify the frames and find alternatives. Generate all … Continue reading RU a PIG In MuD?

Inside Higher Ed: Scholarly Publishing

Three articles in Inside Higher Ed today came to our attention. The controversial proposed law originating in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, the Research Works Act, which would have prohibited the government from requiring open access publication of studies funded by the federal government, lost a key supporter, Elsevier Publishing and has been withdrawn by … Continue reading Inside Higher Ed: Scholarly Publishing

Review: Wood & Ross-Kerr, Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research

Wood, M. J., & Ross-Kerr, J. C. (2011).  Basic steps in planning nursing research:  From question to proposal (7th Ed.).  Sudbury, MA:  Jones and Bartlett Publishing. 511 pp. Wood and Ross-Kerr, both nursing faculty members at the University of Alberta, have developed a guide for planning nursing research in their 2011 edition of Basic Steps … Continue reading Review: Wood & Ross-Kerr, Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research