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Worst/Best Writing Advice

Writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Rebecca Schuman ponders the bad prescriptive advice to enhance writing productivity: I have heard many irritating suggestions on scholarly productivity in my time, but none get my blood aboil faster than this bit of wrongness: You must rise at some ungodly hour — 5 a.m., better yet make … Continue reading Worst/Best Writing Advice


How to Become a Highly Productive Writer

Finding it hard to concentrate on your writing? You’re not alone. Lots of people come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid sitting down and knocking out a few pages. In this video, Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz offers six tips that will get you off and running.    

Students’ Reading/Writing: Take Nothing for Granted

Welcome back to the new academic year here in the US. Related to one of faculty members' perennial concerns about college student learning and their abilities as nursing science writers, I want to bring to your attention a growing body of research about college students as readers. First, and if you take nothing else away … Continue reading Students’ Reading/Writing: Take Nothing for Granted

Standardized Nursing Terminology and Classification Systems in Published Research #ICNP

Gillian Strudwick & Nicholas R. Hardiker. (2016). Understanding the use of standardized nursing terminology and classification systems in published research: A case study using the International Classification for Nursing Practice® (Review article). International Journal of Medical Informatics, 94 (October), 215-221. Background: In the era of evidenced based healthcare, nursing is required to demonstrate that care … Continue reading Standardized Nursing Terminology and Classification Systems in Published Research #ICNP

NLN Writing Retreat

NLN Scholarly Writing Retreat Application Submission Sponsored by the NLN | Chamberlain Center for the Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education, the NLN Scholarly Writing Retreat is designed to help nurse educators enhance writing skills and disseminate research findings and other work in scholarly publications. Much more than the two-day intensive workshop that anchors … Continue reading NLN Writing Retreat