CFP: Nurse Editors Annual Meeting

The International Academy of Nurse Editors announces an extension of its deadline for proposal submissions to January 31, 2017.

The annual meeting will be August 3-5, 2017, in Denver, CO.

Details here:

“I have a little list”: Beall Expands to Four Lists

For over half a decade librarian Jeffrey Beall has scrutinized on-line open-access publishers and publications, calling out those that he has evaluated as “probably predatory” in his updated list.

Subsequently, Beall has developed four lists (which he updates annually):

  • Predatory publishers
  • Predatory stand-alone journals
  • Misleading impact metrics companies
  • Hijacked journals

It’s time for Beall’s annual update, which includes distressing statistics on the growth of unscrupulous publishers and others:

CFP: Building Healthy Academic Communities

National BHAC Summit 2017

We are excited for the 3rd National Summit for Building Healthy Academic Communities! Hosted by the University of Florida, April 6-7, 2016, the summit will convene transdisciplinary leaders, faculty, students, and staff from academic institutions of all sizes, including administrators, directors of health promotion and wellness, researchers, medical center personnel, HR officers, as well as policymakers from professional organizations and academia who are committed to improving health and wellness outcomes in institutions of higher learning and their surrounding communities.

Register for the Summit HERE Please note that the University of Florida has payment options for credit card, check and invoice. Participants are welcome to pay their registration fee on site.

Download the call for abstracts here .

CFP: Translating Political and Scientific Thought across Time and Space


CFP: Advances in Pediatric and Neonatal Care

Building Brighter Futures: Advances in Pediatric and Neonatal Care

Be part of the solution! Join neonatal and pediatric professionals to learn and discuss the latest advances that build brighter futures for our children.

Sponsored by the Office of Continuing Medical Education, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

April 6-7, 2017, Mystic Marriott, Groton, CT

Abstracts must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. No extensions will be granted.

CFP: Linking social determinants of health to health disparities & cultural inclusion

4th Annual Cultural Inclusion Institute
Submit for Podium by 1/2/2017 & Poster by 3/1/201
Theme: Linking social determinants of health to health disparities & cultural inclusion
Pre-conference April 25, 2017 ($100) Conference April 26-27, 2017 ($300)
Nursing & Social Worker CE provided
Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio Texas, on the Riverwalk $120night (local/state taxes apply)
Learning Outcome:
1. Explain how expanding the diversity of healthcare professionals can better address the social issues related to access to care, including cultural practices, language barriers, and stigma.
2. Describe research in health disparities, the development of strategies to reduce them and in-novations in obtaining health and social services funding.
3. Describe public health strategies in eliminating health disparities and policies that can im-prove social determinants of health.
4. Understand how to advocate for social justice to address the inequities in the healthcare sys-tem as it relates to the social determinants of health.
Who should submit? Primary Care Providers, Nurses, Social Workers, Dentists, Educators, Re-searchers, Non-Profit Community Based Agencies, and Students.
Carefully follow the Submission Guidelines (found on next page). Before submitting please review the conference goal and objectives. We are interested submissions that are focused around one or more of the conference learning outcomes. The submissions do not have to be strictly healthcare related. All ac-cepted authors must register for the conference and are responsible financially for their registration fee, travel, hotel and all expenses related to their trip. Early registration fee is $300 (available until 3/17/2017).
Detailed conference information can be found
For questions please email Sherece McGoon, CE Coordinator
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
4th Annual Cultural Inclusion Institute
Theme: Linking social determinants of health to health disparities and cultural inclusion.
April 26-27, 2017
Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio Texas, on the Riverwalk
Podiums must be submitted no later than 1/2/2017 & Poster must be submitted
no later than 3/1/2017
1. Please review the Conference Theme and Learning Outcomes. We are interested in sub-missions that are focused on one or more of the conference learning outcomes.
2. All listed authors must complete (prior to submitting) the online biographical data form and disclosure
3. In MS Word document font 12 Times New Roman list in this order
4. Abstract title (do not put in all caps)
5. Presenting author’s name, credentials, title, organization name, email and phone #
6. Additional authors’ names, credentials, title, organization
7. Identify Poster or Podium
8. Abstract content- must include:
 Problem/Purpose relevant to conference theme/objectives
 Background
 Discussion of issue or concepts/variables of interest
 Population, sample, setting if research & description of community resource
 Methods (research) or interventions (practice/teaching)
 Findings, conclusions & implications
 References
9. Submit abstract as an email attachment in MS Word format (do not PDF) to
Confirmation of receipt of abstract will be emailed only to the first author, please allow a few business days. Acceptance of abstracts for Podium Presentation will be emailed to the first author the January 31st. Poster Presentations will be accepted on an ongoing basis. All accepted presenters must register for the conference and are responsible for their registration fee, travel, and all expenses related to the conference.

Your Guide to Possibly/Probably Predatory Online Open-Access Journals

As regular readers of are well aware, in recent years the scholarly publishing landscape has become confused with online open-access journals whose publishers employ aggressive spam marketing and dubious peer review and publishing practices.

For centuries, traditional publishers have used a subscription business model: the cost of publishing and circulation a journal is subsidized by subscribers who have exclusive access to the material. The proliferation of the World-Wide Web and expanded wireless or WiFi bandwidth has introduced a new business model: open-access journals whose costs are subsidized by the authors who are published in it, not by readers. This business model introduces a conflict of interest: the journal needs to publish authors who pay the journal. Some online open-access journals appear to employ little or no reputable peer-review and some publish junk science. (It pays the bills!)

Assembled by members of the International Academy of Nurse Editors are a variety of resources to help you discern which online open-access journals are reliable.

A statement provided by the Academy’s Predatory Publishing Practices Collective

A list of journal editorials published on the topic of standards for open-access publishing

Articles in the online publication Nurse Author & Editor concerning predatory publishing

Librarian Jeffrey Beall’s “black list” of “possibly/probably predatory journals”

A “white list” of respected and credible nursing journals