AIDS Care provides a forum for publishing in one authoritative source research and reports from the many complementary disciplines involved in the AIDS/HIV field. These include, among others: psychology, sociology, epidemiology, social work and anthropology, social aspects of medicine, nursing, education, health education, law, administration, counselling (including various approaches such as behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy etc). AIDS and HIV infection, the planning of services, prevention and the fear of AIDS affects many echelons of society ranging from individuals, couples and families through to institutions and communities. A particular aim is to publish work emanating from many centres and in so doing address the global impact of AIDS. Readers of AIDS Care include Psychologists, Sociologists, Epidemiologists, Social Workers, Anthropologists, Medical Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Health Education Teachers, Public Health Specialists, Counsellors (including various approaches such as Behavior Therapists, Psychotherapists and Family Therapists).


CFS: Int’l J Maternal & Child Health and AIDS

Call for Papers International Journal of Maternal and Child Health and AIDS

The International Journal of MCH and AIDS (IJMA) invites contributions from public health practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and experts in maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS around the world for its inaugural issue scheduled to publish in June 2012. IJMA is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, clinical studies, evaluation studies, and policy analyses in all areas of maternal, neonatal, infant, child health, (MCH) and HIV/AIDS in developing countries. IJMA focuses on the social determinants of health and disease as well as on the disparities in the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases affecting infants, children, women, adults, and families in developing countries.Based in Washington, DC, USA, IJMA provides a platform through which researchers, as well as program and policy makers, can learn about the various factors that contribute to the health and well-being of mothers, infants, children, and adults and how the HIV/AIDS is decimating the gains in those sectors. The journal focuses on empirical findings from low and middle-income countries exploring trends and patterns at international, national, and local levels.

Research articles and rigorous meta-analyses are welcome. Ideas for review articles on MCH and HIV/AIDS in developing countries will be considered.IJMA covers, but is not limited, to the following broad topic areas:

Life expectancy, cause-specific mortality, and human development, Maternal, neonatal, infant, child, and youth mortality and morbidity, Determinants and consequences of childhood and adolescent obesity, Quality of life and mental health disparities affecting MCH and HIV/AIDS populations, Social, behavioral, and biological determinants of MCH and HIV/AIDS and well-being, Disparities in health and well-being based on gender, race, ethnicity, immigrant status, Disparities in health based on social class, education, income, disability status, etc, Region and/or country specific studies, Program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, Cross-national research on MCH and HIV/AIDS issues across the world, Issues of resilience among populations impacted by HIV/AIDS, Applications of surveillance, trend, and multilevel methods in MCH and AIDS Use of novel approaches in both quantitative and qualitative research studies, Book reviews on MCH and HIV/AIDS issues and social determinants of health.

Manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis however, the deadline for the inaugural issue (June 2012) is March 31, 2012. Manuscripts that do not meet the immediate deadline of a particular issue are automatically considered for the next issue. Prospective authors should carefully review the Author Instructions located on the journal’s website at For questions, email:

CFP: Health, Culture, Human Body (conference)

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: The 2nd international and interdisciplinary conference on Health, Culture and the Human Body: Epidemiology, ethics and history of medicine, perspectives from Turkey and Central Europe Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 September 2012

Demographic change in a globalized world raises not only social and economic issues but also ethical problems within the medical system of aging societies. Medical care for elderly people cannot be conceptualized and organized without considering a cultural understanding of aging and the economic and social circumstances of a given society. In this regard this conference will focus on ethical, historical and epidemiological perspectives of aging in a global world, including issues such as health care research and health-related knowledge, attitudes and practices of elderly people. Further subjects of the conference are the beginning of life and sexually transmitted diseases, which will also be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective. This conference will focus on the selected cases from Turkey, Germany, and other countries which for the last 50 years have been closely connected by substantial migration processes, as they had been earlier through medical scientific exchanges and common clinical practice. After the well received first round held in Germany (Mainz) in 2010, the aim of this second conference is to establish a discussion platform for different ethical considerations among historically connected countries, applying an interdisciplinary “medicine studies” approach to selected sample cases from Turkey, Germany and other countries with comparable relationships.

The chosen thematic areas are:

  • Aging, culture and medicine (aging and culture, aging and perception of the body, medical care and geriatrics, geriatrics and ethics, hospice systems)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (e.g. AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea; the social perception of venereal diseases and medicine, politics-ethics and the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Beginning of life and ethics (Assisted Reproductive Technologies, abortion, religion-medicine and the beginning of life)
  • Migration and Health

Abstracts (max. 250 words) of proposed conference papers should be submitted by 29 February 2012, to the attention of Hakan Ertin MD PhD, E-Mail:  Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of History of Medicine and Ethics. Tel: +90 532 321 71 77

Fax: +90 212 414 22 86 Publication of selected papers is envisaged. Venue: Istanbul University Doctorate Halls –Beyazıt, Istanbul, Turkey

CFS: J of Assoc Nurses AIDS Care

The Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (JANAC) is the official journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. JANAC‘s mission is to support nursing practice, research, and education through the scholarly dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge and practice standards. JANAC provides a forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of clinical practice, education, research, prevention, public health, health administration, international health, legal-ethical issues, social issues, and public policy issues related to all aspects of the HIV epidemic. JANAC invites original articles from nurses and other healthcare professionals that focus on a broad spectrum of issues related to HIV, nursing, and health care.
Submission of Manuscripts. JANAC reviews manuscripts with the understanding that they have not been previously published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. JANAC invites contributions in the form of featured manuscripts (maximum 20 pages); research, practice, or program briefs (8-10 pages); and topical columns and commentaries (6-8 pages). Letters to the editor and guest editorials are also welcome.
JANAC uses an online manuscript submission and review system. Please visit to submit your manuscript electronically. The Web site guides authors through the initial registration process, including the uploading of requisite files. Please note that original source files – not PDF files – are required. Inquiries regarding manuscript submission or status should be directed to the Managing Editor, Kristen Overstreet, at 303-420-3570 or via email at All other inquiries should be directed to the Editor, Lucy Bradley-Springer, at 303-315-2515 or via e-mail at All correspondence, including the Editor’s decision and requests for revisions, will be delivered by e-mail to the corresponding author. Manuscript status information is always available for registered authors via the journal’s online submission system.

Peer Review. Manuscripts are evaluated according to their relevance and significance, the degree to which they advance knowledge, the quality of scholarly presentation, the integrity of research methodology, and clinical content relevant to nursing practice and HIV care. The author(s) may be asked to revise an accepted manuscript to conform to the standards and editorial style of JANAC.

Other Submissions. Submissions for research, practice, or program briefs; topical columns and commentaries; guest editorials; and letters to the editor are not subject to blinded review. These submissions consist of one file that includes the title, the author(s) contact information, the manuscript text, and references in APA (5th ed.) format. If tables and figure are included, they should be submitted in separate files as described above. More information at:

Call for Submissions: AIDS Project of LA Writing Project 2009

AIDS Project of LA Writing Project 2009 / Co-editors: Tisa Bryant and Ernest Hardy
 Our world is at a crossroads.  We daily witness economic meltdowns and uncertain job markets, boiling religious fundamentalism, issues of immigration as borders melt or collapse, age-old and brand new manifestations of racism, and the exploding spread of AIDS in communities of color.  But we’re also at a crossroads of enormous possibility, resistance and revolution. It’s an opportunity to create new definitions and terms of success, of blackness and gayness / queerness / same gender lovingness. It’s a crucial moment for reexamining our visions and expectations of self and community.
            At this crossroads, we are collaborating with AIDS Project Los Angeles to publish the fourth in their series of book-length collections of writing and images that grapple with the questions of what it means to be, know and love gay men of African descent in the 21st century.  Where have we been?  Where are we going?  What’s on the horizon?
     We want to share your responses to these questions with the world.  We seek poetry, short stories, essays, articles, excerpts from novels / plays / screenplays, dreams, journal entries, photo essays, blog posts, collages, manifestoes, or email exchanges that imaginatively contextualize black gay men’s lives in connection with your own.  Give us some sharp focus portraits, lingering close ups, long-range views, backwards glances of who you’re looking at, where you’re coming from , and what matters most in the worlds you make and imagine.
     We especially seek works that explode conventions around racial, sexual, religious or regional identities, that challenge, provoke, are brave and unexpected. All submissions will be seriously considered, from straightforward and linear stories of lived experiences, political activism, and cultural criticism, to experimental pieces that  toy with language and cross boundaries of genre and form. What we want, what we need, and what we believe in is your unfiltered but masterfully rendered truth.
     Text entries: 1,200 words maximum. Poems must be two (2) pages or less.
     Graphic art: B&W, hi-res 300 DPI, TIFF file format.  Color art that can be published in B&W will also be considered.
     Deadline for submissions – July 30, 2008
     Text must be emailed as a very clean (proofread) attachment from a word-processing application, formatted as intended for publication, and must include, your name, title of work, type of work (essay, article, poem, visual art, etc.), length (word count), email address; and a 50-word bio and photograph of writer/artist. 
     The subject line should read, Book Submission (genre), e.g., “Book Submission (Fiction)”
     PAYMENT: $100 for your submission and 10 copies of the book.
     Address all correspondence, including queries to,