CFS: International Conference on the History of Medicine and Global Connections

International Conference on the History of Medicine and Global Connections, Hosted by the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL to meet in Bloomsbury, London
Opening reception and Plenary Lecture, 18 June 2009 Papers to be presented on 19 and 20 June 2009
In recent years, global history and related subjects such as transnational, world, and connected history have caused a stir. The interest is in part a response to many kinds of public discussions about the global in our lives, but also in part–at least from the perspective of medical historians–because the turn toward social and cultural history tended to concentrate attention on complex relationships in local environments despite the fact that many aspects of medicine and science travel widely. Some kinds of medical and health practices and ideas do indeed remain rooted in particular languages, cultures, and socio-political systems, but medical commodities may be shipped from place to place while various kinds of practices and concepts also move about: ‘Western’ medicine has been globalised, but so has ‘Chinese’ medicine, and much else.
To examine the opportunities and challenges posed by global history of the history of medicine we invite proposals that consider a) how any aspect of medicine moved from one locale to another or resisted such movement, or b) how the idea of ‘the global’ has affected the historiography of medicine and biomedicine. Papers on all historical periods and places are eligible. Each presentation will be allowed 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for discussion, in sessions of three papers each.
Those attending the conference will be responsible for organising their own travel and accommodation, and most meals.
Please send a proposal of no more than one page in length, no later than 20 February 2009, to Lauren Cracknell. Inquiries may also be sent to her, for a response from the current Director, Hal Cook. Please contact Lauren Cracknell, The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, 183 Euston Rd., London NW1 2BE, UK, or


CFS: Faith & Community Health (Multiple Issues)

Volumes/issues of special topics issues are listed below; please communicate with the appropriate issue editor(s).
Editor, Family & Community Health: Jeanette Lancaster, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor of Nursing and Dean, School of Hall, P. O. Box 800782, 202 15th Street, SW (22903), Charlottesville, VA 22908-0782
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Due to Co-Issue Editor (Carmen Warner-Robbins): Jan. 1, 2009
Reverend Carmen Warner-Robbins
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Mickey Parsons
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Due to Issue Editor (Patty Hale): April 1, 2009
Patty J. Hale, RN, FNP, PhD, FAAN
Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator
James Madison University
Department of Nursing
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Harrisonburg, VA 22807
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Due to Issue Editor: August 4, 2009
Jeffrey Hall, PhD, MSPH
Behavioral Scientist
Etiology and Surveillance Branch
Division of Violence Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Due to Co-Issue Ed (Nonie Mendias): 10/1/09 Elnora (Nonie) P. Mendias, PhD, RN, FNP-BC
Associate Professor
Jesse & Alicia Dunn Professor of Nursing
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Elizabeth Reifsnider, PhD, APRN, BC
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Due to-Issue Editor (Rao): January 1, 2010
Satya Krishnan Rao, PhD, CHES
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CFS: Books to Bedside (Conference)

BOOKS TO BEDSIDE: Translational Work in the Medical Humanities

April 23-25, 2009 Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago

A common role of humanities in medicine has been to provide a creative outlet or a respite from the difficulties of medical practice. The applied medical humanities aims to build concrete skills essential to clinical practice.This conference will focus on application, investigating the purpose of humanities work as it translates to patient care. Through paired plenary sessions, breakout groups, and workshops, this conference will answer such questions as:
* What is the “bench work” of the medical humanities?
* What does it mean to bring books to bedside?
* Do the humanities have an intrinsic role in clinical thinking?
* How does humanities research translate into clinical practice?
* What is the relation of narrative theory to narrative medicine?
Submission of proposals for paper presentations, panels, or workshops is invited.
Email proposals, along with a one-page CV, to Catherine Belling  by December 15, 2008.
Queries in advance of submission are welcome.
For updates, see the conference website:
Sponsored by the Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the American Society for Bioethics + Humanities, and underwritten by the David and Julia Uihlein Charitable Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

CFS: Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research

Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research will have several special issues upcoming, and also accepts author-initiated manuscripts. You can find them at the Southern Nursing Research Society Web site,  and click on “About the Journal.” The Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research (SOJNR) was launched in 1999 as a peer-reviewed electronic research journal of the Southern Nursing Research Society. The Board of Directors of SNRS recently evaluated the current journal and responded to the changing needs of the organization. During the next year, 4 issues of SOJNR will be distributed one of which will be abstracts form the Annual Meeting. SOJNR will continue to provide the membership a high quality journal that contributes to the knowledge base of nursing and present scientific evidence, clinical evidence based practice, clinical manuscripts, integrative and systematic reviews, and theoretical papers that improve the practice of nursing with each issue featuring topics of interest specific to one of the Research Interest Groups (RIGs).

CFS: Nursing Engagement (Nursing Administration Quarterly)

Nursing Administration Quarterly Upcoming Issue Topics 2008 to 2010

Topic   Vol.    Deadline Date    Issue Editor(s)

Creating A Culture of Nursing Engagement, Vol. 33:4, May 1, 2009, Patricia S. Yoder-Wise, Issue Editor

Engagement in one’s work is what all leaders strive to achieve for their organization. In 2007, the Gallop Organizations released the results of 10,000,000 workplace interviews related to employee engagement. One portion of the results, shared at the 2006 Magnet Conference in Denver, CO., showed that nurses as well as other employees in Magnet hospitals were more engaged in their work than were nurses and other employees in hospitals that did not have such designation.

How do Magnet organizations relate to the elements the Gallup Organization uses to determine engagement? What are the implications for various aspects of professional advancement? Should educational programs prepare leaders in different ways to accommodate and capitalize on engaged workers? How effective can shared governance be in helping an organization be successful? How does modeling affect engagement and excellence? Do special roles exist that help bring about the critical changes for engaging nurses in their work?

The future can be shaped in a more productive way by informing and developing the leaders who will create the workforce, who will lead the workforce, and who will be the workforce.

Manuscripts submitted should focus on:
• Models of excellence in professional practice
• Shared governance
• Clinical nurse specialists as change agents
• Partnerships for change
• Unit level involvement
• Translational research

Unsolicited manuscripts may be sent directly to the editor according to author guidelines. Author guidelines are available at  Barbara Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Nursing Administration Quarterly, 63430 E. Desert Mesa Ct., Tucson, AZ. 85739, 520-825-5629 or cell 520-360-5460

CFS: Medical Humanities (Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference)

PCA/ACA AREA: Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Culture
New Orleans Marriott, New Orleans, Louisiana
April 8-April 11, 2009The “Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Culture” PCA/ACA area examines a wide variety of topics related to the experiences of human beings pursuing health and living with illness. Interdisciplinary proposals representing humanities and the arts (e.g., literature, history, film, visual arts) or social sciences (e.g., anthropology, cultural studies, sociology) perspectives through historical or contemporary contexts are welcome. This area emphasizes the pursuit of humane health care and the exploration of the social and cultural contexts in which health care is delivered for individuals or specific groups.
Subject areas might include:
–the portrayal of health care and public policy issues in the mass media. Health care stories of patients’ experience of disease;
stories of health professionals conducting research or working with patients.
–how stories of chronic and infectious diseases (including global perspectives) are told in popular media and in literature.
–narratives of illness presented in literature (novels, short stores, memoirs) written by patients or health professionals that explore the personal experience of illness.
–how pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or tobacco are presented in the mass media and literature.
–historical or recent depictions of infectious diseases and epidemics, disasters or calamities, in the context of public health consequences for popular audiences. Especially welcome are proposals addressing health problems that New Orleans confronts in
the context of Hurricane Katrina.
–representations of health institutions (e.g. HMO’s, hospitals, neighborhood drugstores or clinics, government agencies) in the mass media).
–technological innovations and their relation to popular audiences (e.g., x-rays, robotics in medicine).
–healing in non-western societies; alternative care in the United States.
–the promotion of health through diets, exercise, domestic or public health sanitation campaigns.
Contributions from interdisciplinary and single disciplines are welcome. Individual or full panel proposals are considered.
DEADLINE: November 30, 2008. Please send abstracts of 250 words to
Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman
Snail Mail Address:
Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman
Professor of Political Science and American Studies School of Arts and Sciences
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-Boston
179 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Fax: 617-732-2801
Phone: 617-732-2904

CFS: Research in Nursing and Health

Research in Nursing & Health is a peer-reviewed, research journal devoted to publication of a wide range of research and theory that will inform the practice of nursing and other health disciplines. The journal invites your research reports on nursing practice, education, administration, and history; on health issues relevant to nursing; and on the testing of research findings in practice.  The journal also seeks:

  • Theory papers
  • Integrative reviews
  • Critical reviews of new books and other publications on research
  • Letters to the editor commenting on published articles or research and theory issues

 Submit any of the above online to for quick consideration, review and publication.