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CFS: Children’s Health (journal & monograph)

Call for Papers 21st Sociology of Health & Illness Monograph | Children’s Health and Well-being: policy debates and lived experience | Editors: Geraldine Brady, Pam Lowe and Sonja Olin Lauritzen The 21st Sociology of Health and Illness monograph will bring together recent theoretical and methodological developments in the sociology of childhood with research findings on … Continue reading CFS: Children’s Health (journal & monograph)

CFS: Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice

Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice (PPNP) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that explores the multiple relationships between nursing and health policy. PPNP serves as a major source of data-based study, policy analysis and discussion on timely, relevant policy issues for nurses in a broad variety of roles and settings, and for others who are interested … Continue reading CFS: Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice

CFS: Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities is a leading international journal that reflects the whole field of medical humanities. Medical Humanities aims to encourage a high academic standard for this evolving and developing subject and to enhance professional and public discussion. It features original articles relevant to the delivery of healthcare, the formulation of public health policy, the experience … Continue reading CFS: Medical Humanities