CFS: Innovation & Healthcare Reform (Contemporary Nurse)

Nursing Innovation and Reform in Health Care: A special issue of Contemporary Nurse

volume 47, number 2 (June 2014) Deadline for Papers: 13th November 2013

Edited by Professor Patricia M Davidson @synersearch, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), NSW, Australia, and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States of America, Professor June Girvin @JuneinHE, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, and Professor Debra Jackson @debraejackson, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), NSW, Australia

Deadline for Manuscript Submissions:  13 November 2013

Papers are invited for this special issue of Contemporary Nurse devoted to Nursing Innovation and Reform in Health Care. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Politics, policy and the voice of nursing in health care reform
  • Nurse leadership in reforming health care
  • The role of nurses in reforming health care
  • Innovations to counter social disparities and meet the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations
  • Nursing workforce diversification
  • Advocacy in the context of health care reform
  • Culturally-sensitive innovations in service delivery
  • Workforce issues in a context of change and health service reform
  • Leadership to facilitate practice innovation and health service reform
  • Facilitators and barriers to effective positive practice, clinical and service change
  • Technology to support nursing innovation and reform in health care
  • Health professional role development and support needs in a time of rapid change
  • Health care-related experiences as a driver for practice and system change
  • Risk, vulnerability and health service reform
  • Curriculum development and reform
  • Innovative nurse-led models of care
  • Nursing and the unregulated health care worker
  • Evidence-based interventions for improving service delivery and health outcomes

Authors should observe Contemporary Nurse Author Guidelines and submit manuscripts, prepared in APA 6th ed style, electronically following procedures under Submit Papers – indicating in the cover email that it is for the Special Issue of Contemporary Nurse on Nursing Innovation and Reform in Health Care.

All submissions will be subject to double blind peer review.

Closing date for submissions: 13 November 2013

Details here:


CFP: Colorado Health Ethics Forum

Colorado Health Ethics Forum – CHEF Conference 2013 | CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS | Deadline: January 15, 2013

Preparations for the 2013 Colorado Healthcare Ethics Forum conference are well underway, and we and invite you to join us by submitting proposals for presentations for this popular annual event. The 2013 Conference dates are May 9th and 10th and will be again held at The Stonebrook Manor Event Center and Gardens in Thornton, Colorado.

Our theme this year will be “Bedside, Boardroom, and Boulevard: Health Care Ethics at the Intersections.”

A recent front page New York Times article asserted that, “historians and policy makers believe this election could be the most significant referendum on a piece of social legislation since 1936,” when The Social Security Act was passed. Members of the healthcare ethics community find nothing surprising in this assertion, as we have been on the front lines of the debates grappling with the deepest dimensions of healthcare and policy for decades. As well, we live the implications of the outcomes and often find ourselves working in the interstitial spaces between high-level policy, clinical application, and public perceptions.

As we watch and wait for current national Health Care Reform decisions to be made in Washington, we continue to be fully engaged in the everyday ethical dimensions of healthcare. Whether we work at the bedside delivering care or in the “boardroom” establishing policies and implementing business practices, the needs, demands, and discourse taking place on the “boulevard” affect our daily lives. Our theme this year arises from the recognition that these domains are not as distinct as they might appear or once were. Ongoing challenges in healthcare have created new opportunities for greater awareness and collaboration, as well as for distracting or even dangerous conflicts and misunderstandings across these domains.

In order to facilitate the necessary conversations, CHEF is seeking presentations on a wide variety of topics. For additional information and to submit proposals for presentations, please visit our website at:

CFP: Feminist Currents on Health Care

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies is delighted to introduce readers to a new interactive column, “Feminist Currents,” by Eileen Boris, Hull Professor and chair of the Women’s Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In the paragraph below Boris poses a question to our readers and all interested feminists, whether they find this column in Frontiers or on any number of postings in cyber space. All are invited to e-mail Frontiers their answers, which Boris will edit by synthesizing and summarizing. Her intent is to cook up a gumbo out of our responses: mixing, seasoning, and throwing in her own ingredients, as she enables us to engage in feminist dialectic. Boris’s response will appear in our next spring issue along with another question posed by her. We see this exchange as a way to strengthen and enrich our feminist community. Or, in Boris’s words, “‘Feminist Currents’ is a place for feminists to debate pressing and not so pressing (sometimes whimsical but hopefully compelling) issues of the day, to share perspectives and thoughts, develop strategies, and connect scholarship and teaching to social justice.”

A Question: The fate of health care reform is still up for grabs. We do not know what the final bill will look like or what the outcome will be—or whether getting the people’s business done will trump the misinformation and noise of this summer. What stakes do women have as women in the politics of health care? While scholars have uncovered the workings of gender in the shaping of medical research and delivery, here we want to collect personal experiences and prescriptions for change from feminist perspectives.

Replies:You can respond in two different ways. You can give your answer on the Frontiers Facebook page ( ). Or you can email your reflections, from 30 to 300 words, to  no later than September 1, 2011. In your subject line please type “Feminist Currents.” Unless you notify us otherwise in your email, your response signifies that we may paraphrase your thoughts, quote directly from them, and use your name and affiliation.

FRONTIERS: A Journal of Women Studies, Arizona State University, PO Box 874302, Tempe, AZ 85287-4302

US Senate Brings Healthcare Bill to Floor for Debate

The US Senate tonight by a vote of 60 to 40 (along party lines) passed a procedural vote to permit its healthcare bill to be brought to the floor for debate, which should preoccupy the Senate until the Christmas recess.

ANA Nurses Support Obama’s Stand for Health Care Reform

ANA Working for You

American Nurses Association President Patton and members of ANA joined President Obama at the White House on 9/10/09 to demonstrate their strong support for the President and his speech to the joint session of the U.S. Congress on 9/9/09. ANA urges action on health reform that would provide more security and stability to those with health insurance and guarantee access to affordable health care for those without it. To see C-Span video of the President speaking to nurses, click here.