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CFS: Yale J for Humanities in Medicine

Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine welcomes submissions for publication from doctors, nurses, patients, family members, and others interested in the humanities and medicine. We welcome poetry, essays, and arts reviews with some flexibility in those categories. Please familiarize yourself with the journal and read the entirety of this page before submitting so that you … Continue reading CFS: Yale J for Humanities in Medicine

AMSA Humanities Institute

Are you interested in exploring the art of medicine under the guidance of some brilliant faculty and authors? Join students from across the country for a weekend of hands-on workshops exploring writing, art, wellness & more at the AMSA Humanities Institute!  American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Humanities Institute | February 1-3, 2013 | Sterling, VA … Continue reading AMSA Humanities Institute

CFS: Integration of the Arts and Humanities in Medical Education

The Journal for Learning through the Arts: A Research Journal on Arts Integration in Schools and Communities (JLTA) is publishing a special issue on Innovations in the Integration of the Arts and Humanities in Medical Education, to appear spring, 2012. A similar issue was published in 2006, which included contributions from Catherine Belling, Gretchen Case, … Continue reading CFS: Integration of the Arts and Humanities in Medical Education

Residential Fellow, National Humanities Center

Interested in thinking outside the disciplinary box or know someone who is? Consider this residential fellowship at the National Humanities Center, which is open to scholars in a variety of fields. National Humanities Center, Fellowships in the Humanities The national Humanities Center offers forty residential fellowships (September 2011 through May 2012) for advanced study in … Continue reading Residential Fellow, National Humanities Center