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CFP: Health, Wellness, Society

The Fourth International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society will be held at the University of British Columbia at Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada, 14-15 March 2014. This interdisciplinary conference is for scholars, teachers, and practitioners from any professional discipline who share an interest in exploring matters of concern in the fields of human health and … Continue reading CFP: Health, Wellness, Society


CFP: Global Public Health (APHA)

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS — 141st APHA Annual Meeting | Theme: Think Global, Act Local: Best Practices Around the World Medical Care Submission Deadline: Friday, February 8, 2013 OVERVIEW: For the 141st Annual Meeting, in Boston, Medical Care Section invites abstracts that fit with this year’s theme (in the title above) and with the Section's interests--advances … Continue reading CFP: Global Public Health (APHA)

CFS: Ethics with Minority Populations (Am J of Publ Hlth)

Call for Papers for a Theme Issue of the American Journal of Public Health: The Ethics of Human Subjects Research with Minority Populations http://www.healthequity.umd.edu/call_forpaper.asp The American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) intends to publish a theme issue on the complex issues related to the ethical treatment of human research subjects with respect to underrepresented, minority, … Continue reading CFS: Ethics with Minority Populations (Am J of Publ Hlth)

CFS: Global Public Health

Global Public Health is an essential peer-reviewed journal that energetically engages with key public health issues that have come to the fore in the global environment — mounting inequalities between rich and poor; the globalization of trade; new patterns of travel and migration; epidemics of newly-emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases; the HIV/AIDS pandemic; the increase … Continue reading CFS: Global Public Health

CFS: Complementary & Traditional Medicine, Public Health

Universitas Forum: International Journal on Human Development and International Cooperation http://www.universitasforum.org  has launched a call for articles focusing on "Integrating complementary and traditional medicine in public health systems." Universitas Forum is an international open-access journal offering critical analysis of current approaches to international development cooperation and practice-based research concerning global and local human development. The … Continue reading CFS: Complementary & Traditional Medicine, Public Health

CFS: Race & Health (DuBois Review)

CALL FOR PAPERS FOR SPECIAL ISSUE ON RACE AND HEALTH Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line”--With those words, W.E. Du Bois discussed the racial progress in the United States and foreshadowed the critical part race would continue to play in … Continue reading CFS: Race & Health (DuBois Review)

Chronicle: Emerging Undergrad Disciplines

According to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education ("5 College Majors on the Rise" by Karin Fischer and David Glenn), among five emerging undergrad majors are two health-related disciplines: Health Informatics and Public Health. Health Informatics: David D. Potenziani, senior associate dean for planning, coordination, and administration at the University of North Carolina … Continue reading Chronicle: Emerging Undergrad Disciplines

Conference: Unite For Sight 6th Annual Global Health & Development Conference

You are encouraged to submit an abstract for a presentation related to medicine, public health, global health, international development, social entrepreneurship, among other topics. The abstract deadline is September 15, and abstracts must be submitted through the online system at http://www.uniteforsight.org/conferenceUnite For Sight 6th Annual Global Health & Development Conference Yale University, April 18-19, 2009 … Continue reading Conference: Unite For Sight 6th Annual Global Health & Development Conference