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CFP: 7th Int’l Congress, Peer Review & Biomed Publ.

The Seventh International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication will be held September 8-10, 2013, in Chicago, IL. As with the previous Congresses, our aim is to improve the quality and credibility of biomedical peer review and publication and to help advance the efficiency, effectiveness, and equitability of the dissemination of biomedical information throughout … Continue reading CFP: 7th Int’l Congress, Peer Review & Biomed Publ.


Chronicle: Attention!

Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Amy Benson Brown, who directs the author-development program at Emory University's Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, observes of scholarly writing habits: As a writer and editor who coaches academic writers, I've witnessed how tricky that juggling act can be, especially in recent years. Besides teaching, doing research, and … Continue reading Chronicle: Attention!

Publishing Tips: Concerned About Peer Reviewers

One of the frequently confounding experiences that professors like you have had in scholarly publishing involves peer reviewers, whose comments sometimes conflict with each other or whose critiques are abusive or clueless. You are not alone. According to an article by Jeffrey Brainard entitled "Incompetence Tops List of Complaints About Peer Reviewers" in The Chronicle of … Continue reading Publishing Tips: Concerned About Peer Reviewers