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Chronicle: Good Deeds, Most Punished

I'm getting caught up on reading back issues of the Chronicle of Higher Education (which I highly recommend for all faculty, as well as daily free updates from Inside Higher Ed), which recently included three columns by David Perlmutter on the theme "Good Deeds That Are Most Punished" (traps for junior, tenure-track faculty to avoid): … Continue reading Chronicle: Good Deeds, Most Punished

Rockquemore: Supporting New & Mid-Career Faculty

In her recent columns on career mentoring Kerry Ann Rockquemore's Mentoring 101 discusses supporting new faculty and mid-career post-tenure faculty. "Sink or Swim" decries as a waste of human potential an attitude that refuses to provide novice faculty with support negotiating all the professional expectations (for which graduate school does not prepare one). In today's … Continue reading Rockquemore: Supporting New & Mid-Career Faculty